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Gracepoint – “controls EVERY aspect of life… prey on vulnerable and lonely freshmen”

Reddit post from user Successful-Skill-246 regarding his personal experience with Gracepoint at UC Berkeley

“When I attended UC Berkeley I was a part of a Church called Gracepoint ( largely Southern Baptist Roots). They prey on vulnerable and lonely freshmen. They will distribute with attractive flyers for free food. Missionaries will eat at dining halls to recruit people. At first, the groups seemed benign. However, little by little, you realize your only friends are from only that church. You begin to get cut off from the world and become indoctrinated. I noticed it started getting weird when they would monitor your internet through a website called covenant eyes.

They don’t allow you to date during your undergrad .They only court each other once you in your late 20s to mid thirties. When I attended a wedding the couple didn’t even kiss. Sexuality is majorly repressed. Men and women are segregated, you can’t even tell who is a couple. You also couldn’t question the Bible. They seemed to lack theological discourse. If your family was not Christian they ardently proselytize or cut you off.

I am glad I left. Some people may not consider this a cult. However, I grew up Catholic and felt like the Gracepoint Church controls EVERY aspect of life. I began to feel guilty about every little thing. About my secular”music or “internet addiction.” I was damned if I didn’t accepts Jesus as my lord and savior. What was more creep was that everyone’s drove minivans and wore very similar clothing. I love fashion so this threw me off completely.”

Original Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/cults/comments/hsp7ao/college_students_beware_of_christian_cult/

Gracepoint (Koinonia) – “doesn’t care about your family”, “they want the church to be on ur mind 24/7”

This is a quote from http://gracepoint-berkeley.blogspot.com/
a blog that exposes the cult-like qualities and history of Gracepoint Ministries, a church with many branch ministries such as Koinonia, ABSK, Acts 2 Fellowship (A2F), Kairos, and Berkland.

Gracepoint Ministries is present in : UC Berkeley, UC Davis, SF State, UCLA, UC Riverside, USC, UC Santa Barbara, UT Austin, Duke University, UNC Chapel Hill, and more.