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Cru – “only there for the numbers and your money”

On a community forum, user mjgman82 shared his personal experience with Cru, or otherwise known as Campus Crusades for Christ (CCC).

Here are some notable highlights of his experience.

I would have to agree with you. CCC has some (FEW) but some good individuals carrying its label. For the most part, however, and thanks to their “in your face” approach to “evangelizing,” there are more with the same label that taint any hope one may have had to entertain the curiosity surrounding the concepts, freedom, openmindedness and believes relating to Christ.

My experience with CCC was comical at first then tragic at the end. My full realization was not until I had joined the Army, saw life outside the confides of a control environment (what CCC thrives in). CCC nearly cost me my family, my job, my friends (because those in CC were clearly fake) and my life. The following is how…sit back grab a beer, or your favorite drink and something to snack on, this is going to get turbulent….

Wake up CCC, because you are not far from the globally recognized cult the Worldwide Church of God. Here too, I have lost friendships of 14 years, all due to the fact that I no longer attended

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