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Cru – “reaffirmed my beliefs that religion is harmful and should be made illegal”

“A former Christian friend of mine invited me to CRU and I felt obligated since they went to the Atheist Club (AgASSA). A lot of strange talk about how God loved them – no references to God calling for genocide, rape etc. from the Old Testament, of course. One member ranted about how school was a distraction from God. There are many valid criticisms of higher education in the US, but describing it as a conspiracy – as he did – to lessen one’s faith is simply put, insanity. He was met with applause and comfort and support. I’m an Anti-Theist, and for the longest time I held a lukewarm longing to go back to church,. That meeting only reaffirmed my beliefs that religion is harmful and should be made illegal. Following that sermon I discussed with some friends of that friend from CRU about their beliefs, the legitimacy of the Bible, etc. It seems that no matter where on the political compass they fell – my small hometown was mostly authoritarian conservative, while CRU members seemed more centralist, the answers were all the same. The desire to belong and have answers to existential questions seems to provide brainwashing to the nth degree no matter your location in the world. Frankly, I was really hooping to see something different, but religion is frightening.” – J.O, Davis

Cru – “the music is unfailingly bad, the sermons are decidedly uninspiring, and the students are amazingly brainwashed”

Excerpt from: https://friendlyatheist.patheos.com/2010/11/21/did-you-ever-belong-to-an-evangelical-campus-ministry/

“Two of my closet friends are ardent Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) attendees. As an undergrad, I went to a liberal arts school, and I can’t name one person who I know who went to church or any such organized worship regularly. Now, in grad school, I’m amazed at the 500+ students at Cru every week.

I have a few observations – the music is unfailingly bad, the sermons are decidedly uninspiring, and the students are amazingly brainwashed. I think the organization can be … nice. The students are all friends and it has a built-in support network that everyone probably takes advantage of at some point in college. That’s fine- instead of a sorority/fraternity, other club, or sports team, these kids build their social network through Cru.

What surprises me is how invasive these ministries are in the students life. Each week, they have bible studies, discipleship time, regular meetings, leadership meetings, meetings with other students, meetings with staff members, mentorship….the list goes on. All of this generally means that people involved in Cru have no life outside of Cru.

Another thing – opposite genders don’t really mix unless its a couple. Guys hang with groups of guys, girls with girls, and then the couples hang out (usually not alone) with one another. Then, come graduation, everyone gets married.

The talks are usually about resisting temptation and choosing the right path in life. The thing is, these kids only know one path and are so cornered in their ministry that they realize that there’s anything else out there that isn’t horrible.”

Cru – “attacked and beat up my female friend”, “dents from them bashing her head into it”

Excerpt from: https://www.reddit.com/r/Christianity/comments/desoe/campus_christian_clubs_your_experiences/

“I have had some good experiences and some bad ones.

I have met some good and fun people while going to campus christian groups. However, as in any type of community, there are bad parts as well.

One group in southern california attacked and beat up my female friend who was head of GLBT club on campus. It was 5 men against one meek lesbian. The set upon at her car at night while she was trying to leave. It took 15 minutes for someone to find her lying down in small pool of blood. They were arrested at their next club meeting when she arrived with the police. Her car still had dents from them bashing her head into it. (“This is what an eternity of Hell feels like!”). I think the group was Campus Crusade for Christ.

Another campus christian group at school had a protest at the opening of an interfaith chapel. They strongly believed that the Wican group did not have a place at the interfaith chapel. I guess they focused more and “chapel” than “interfaith.”

Of the times I attended the sessions, they were led by college students. I had the feeling it was much like a practice and testing ground for the leader, which is good. While the polish might not have been high, it was good for what is was.””