“The Pressure to Join Staff at Cru is Strong and Cult Like”

In her blog, a former Cru member and leader at her campus chapter of Cru reflects upon her experiences…

When I was deeply involved in Cru I was taken back by how many people wanted to join staff. It almost became a rallying cry. Sometimes people would say, “I don’t know what I want to do I think about joining staff.” It happened frequently and sometimes it just baffled me.

When I was in graduate school at Marquette I went to a career options conference and there was a strong push there for people to join staff as well.

Within Cru the pressure to join staff is strong. Sometimes that is more respected than doing other jobs. This is a cultural phenomena inside Cru. You see the push for staff at conferences or events, and often you feel guilted.  One thing about Cru is that one would feel guilted about doing things if they did not. Now to be fair guilt also happens outside Cru as well. Its throughout evangelical Christianity.

The author is writing this article as a response to a blog post published on cru.org about why a staff members chooses to serve in Cru, and why he left a corporate job to do so.

Is that true? Does Cru guilt trip members into joining “staff” and sticking with Cru instead of going into a regular job after graduation? Why is there a need to push people into ministry rather than being a light (as they say) in their workplace?

Original post: https://wonderingeagle.wordpress.com/2018/12/10/an-intern-with-cru-at-the-university-of-illinois-explains-why-he-serves-with-cru/

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