Navigators (Navs) – “a bit culty”, “thought it was a cult back then”

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“Perhaps the Navs are a bit culty, but perhaps not as dangerous as some cults. This is my only experience of them.

A very good high school friend of mine joined the Navigators in college years ago. She and her boyfriend, also a Nav, did the no-touch dating thing but eventually split up when he left the group. She was a highly intelligent (much brighter and more successful academically than me, and I’m no fool), very neurotic young woman, desperately searching for something to make meaning of her life. She went through a very prosyletyzing phase, I went to a couple of meetings, but we drifted apart because I was not responsive. I found it hard to believe she got sucked in because the Bible study seemed so simplistic, and I thought she would be more cynical and need something more intellectually challenging. She seemed to find something in the Bible Study that calmed her and helped her focus. I thought it was a cult back then. Lots of love-bombing, and groups baptising the latest convert in the closest available muddy stream. LOL.

After 30 odd years we are back in contact and no prosyletizing, although she is still in the Navigators and still mentions activities. I think she is fairly high up in the hierarchy. Interestingly, her husband and 3 adult children are not religious and never wanted to join the Navs. She seems happy in her faith and it seems to bring her satisfaction, so who am I to criticize?”

One thought on “Navigators (Navs) – “a bit culty”, “thought it was a cult back then””

  1. The message of salvation through Christ is meant to be simple. That’s the way God made it so the least intelligent can be saved. However, I am amazed at the challenge, intellectually, God’s Word presents when one studies it to know Him better, which I have been doing for 40 plus years. Prophecies are still literally coming to pass and are a verification of the Bible’s authenticity. It has definitely been challenging to me over the years as it takes you into the study of languages, philosophy, history, and other religions. I understand that you did not say that Christianity is simplistic; only that the the material presented was. My comment is not meant to be argumentative in any way; only informative. I am a Christian and often take the opportunity to encourage others to look into the Bible’s message of salvation. You may already be a Christian also. If so, please consider a deeper and more extensive study of God’s word, if you have not yet done so. If you are not a christian, please take a little time to examine it more closely. I believe God will speak through His written word, the Bible, to anyone who wants to know Him. Thank you for the opportunity to leave this comment. May God bless your life.


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