InterVarsity (IV) – “The gospel is the reason of the existence of us, Christians, and that wasn’t the main topic”

Excerpt from:
*Note: This is from the comments section of InterVarsity’s official website.

“I started to go to intervasity in my freshman year, but i left after having almost a year there. I am Christian and a passionate lover of God, so the first thing i did was to look for a Christian club at school and i found Intervasity. I really liked to found nice people that really love God as well, but there were several important things missing there.

As any other Christian Group intervasity has it’s pros and cons, which i don’t judge because is a group form by humans and humans are not perfect, but the two main things that a Christian group can not lack of are: The preaching of the Gospel, which is the Grace of God for the world and the human incapacity to reach salvation by any means or deeds, but Only Christ and nothing else, because he lived, died and rise for us, and nothing can be add to that. I found myself in a group that believes in Salvation= Christ + our works, although the second part was not talk openly and clear. The gospel is the reason of the existence of us, Christians, and that wasn’t the main topic in the meetings i participated on for a year.

The last and second thing, is that at least in my campus, i didn’t see too many ways of reaching people from school, most of the activities were for the present members of the club and that to me wasn’t right, we should share more, and more the great news of God! OUR biggest problem was resolved in Jesus, we are free from sin, we are now free and have a great place to go after death, everybody should know this! So i decided to go by myself sharing the gospel with others around me(although unfortunately in a minor scale), and using the time i used to go to the club, to learn more from the bible in another place. Just truly trying to help. God bless.”

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