InterVarsity (IV) – “telling her that I’m going to hell”, “surrounded her, blocking her exit, and verbally attacking her”

“Then she attended a “small group” Bible study. She realized the others were far more fundamentalist and evangelical than she was comfortable with.

When a disparaging comment was made about non-believers, my daughter spoke up. She told them that her mother is an atheist, and said nice things about me. They responded by telling her that I’m going to hell and, “Other horrible things,” as she put it. She said that at one point, they surrounded her, blocking her exit, and verbally attacking her.

When she was finally able to leave, she belatedly Googled the national organization of which this campus group is a part. She decided that InterVarsityis an organization she wants nothing to do with, and that she should have looked into them sooner. They’re a bad fit for her in dozens of ways.

She ran into a “friend” from the group recently, and when he asked if she would come back, she said that she wouldn’t, and she made it clear why.

I’m just so glad she got out before they brainwashed her or destroyed her self-esteem.”

Excerpt from Reddit post:

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