InterVarsity (IV) – “a lot of prejudices”, “treated him differently, looked down on him, almost”

Excerpt from:
*Note: This is from the comments section of InterVarsity’s official website.

“I found that IV kids come with a lot of prejudices. One instance that perfectly illustrates this: I remember bringing a friend of mine to IV small group, and everyone was really friendly toward him, that is until we went around and introduced ourselves.

My friend was part of a fraternity on campus, and as soon as he mentioned that, people in our small group immediately started treating him differently. My friend had grown up in a Christian family, and even made time to go to church at college whenever he could, not much unlike the other members of our small group. And yet, our small group still treated him differently, looked down on him, almost. If my friend had something to say, sometimes it wouldn’t take it seriously. Our small group, was especially hard on him–Whenever my friend would bring up a question our small group leader would be very defensive, and answer in a very haughty way, almost as if reprimanding him for just bringing up the question in the first place.

Fortunately, my friend kept coming to the small group meetings every week that semester, but unfortunately, every week he tried earning our small group’s respect in vain. And that REALLY disappointed me. I was especially disappointed that my small group leader (who we all supposedly should have looked to for advice, for leadership) was one of the hardest on my friend.

Even more disappointing, my small group leader was a senior–it’s one thing to be an underclassmen coming to college for the first time and having certain prejudices and misconceptions, but as a senior, you would think that he’d know better than to treat my friend the way he did. But even after 4 years of being an active member of Intervarsity, my small group leader just didn’t. Overall, a small group is meant to support, encourage, and nurture is members through their scripture-studying-journey, if you will, but sadly, my friend didn’t get any of that.”

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