Cru – “repressive, controlling, and exclusionary group”

A Reddit thread titled: Has anyone else around here also heard about/experienced the college cult Cru?

“Basically I’m just looking for some people to commiserate with on any experiences they may have had with the fundamentalist Christian group Cru. This year I transferred schools from University of Minnesota Twin-Cities to Purdue. And, holy crap was I surprised when I learned about this group. So many kids I’ve meet are members of this group, and from what I can gather they teach that non-members are not worth your time, non-members are inherently bad people, and that good actions are only good if you believe in Jesus (how fucked up is that)? Anyways I’ve meet way to many kids who have bought into this group and have seen how it controls their entire life. It worries me that so many young people let this organization dominate their lives…. And I can’t really see why anyone would want to be apart of this repressive, controlling, and exclusionary group?”

One thought on “Cru – “repressive, controlling, and exclusionary group””

  1. I was abused by the head volunteer youth minister in Campus Crusade for Christ while in college. He was a pathological narcissist. I was trapped in a cycle of domestic abuse. Love bombing, smear campaign, devalue and discard. I was subjected to an attempted physical assault, emotional, verbal and social abuse. Anti catholic flyers were left on my car.
    It’s the church’s responsibility to protect the sheep especially new Christian’s such as myself. I was not supported or protected because Campus crusade does not have a vetting process to prevent people with troubled pasts from leading in campus ministry. The President of CCC tried to punch me in the face, overdosed me on NyQuil, bragged about visiting prostitutes and committing adultery, lied about me to the ministry team so they would hate me and to isolate me so I could be more easily abused, lied to me about visiting strip clubs and prostitutes with the male music ministers. He was a voyeur and a porn addict. He would watch the girls in the dorm across the street from his bedroom window. He would allude to felony criminal activity. I was bullied by his friends (the ministry team) for not allowing him to use me sexually. He did all of this while teaching bible studies, leading prayer meetings, correcting my doctrine and leading worship. I was scared to end the relationship and fearful to tell anyone. Campus Crusade aka the CRU did not have a clear path for me to report this abuse. The staff ministers are not trained in how to handle bullying or domestic violence. Just like a good ole boys network I would’ve had to report this to the 25 year old staff minister who was best buds with the Abuser. I didn’t stand a chance!


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