Cru – “recruiting scheme”, “how to sell their form of Jesus”, “emotional manipulation”

Excerpt from a Reddit thread titled:
What CRU all about and why do they keep trying to recruit me?

CRU is the new name of the inane “Campus Crusade for Christ” that has been doing the same recruiting scheme for decades. They exist in order to keep Christians like them Christian like them and to get more people to be Christians like them.

They train each other on how to sell their form of Jesus, so don’t think you are talking to an individual. Most likely, you are talking to the sales shtick that they have learned from other Campus Crusade for Christ people.

They do not care what you say if they think you are a potential target, so you have to make it clear that there is no fucking way you are interested in their club.

Many will use emotional manipulation. Don’t put up with it. The moment you see them attempting to sell you anything, slam them about it. Better yet, just tell them to go away and laugh at them; “Are you serious? No no no no … go away.”

If you want, and you like individuals in the group, you can tell those individuals you are not interested in CRU and that they can fucking stop talking about it.

If they don’t take no for an answer then they don’t give a damn about you. Just tell them you already said no. Ask them;

  • Didn’t you hear me say no?

If they make ANY attempt to recruit you after that, laugh at them and tell them something like this;

  • What do I have to do to get through to you? Fuck off and stop annoying me — is that clear enough? Did that do it? I don’t need anyone who looks at me like a sales prospect.

Do that loudly. Do that publicly. It will embarrass the shit out of them and they will stop having any power to push their nonsense on you.

They may not like being identified as a salesperson. They are.

Bottom line: If they aren’t listening, you can’t be too kind to these people.

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