Cru – “the music is unfailingly bad, the sermons are decidedly uninspiring, and the students are amazingly brainwashed”

Excerpt from:

“Two of my closet friends are ardent Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ) attendees. As an undergrad, I went to a liberal arts school, and I can’t name one person who I know who went to church or any such organized worship regularly. Now, in grad school, I’m amazed at the 500+ students at Cru every week.

I have a few observations – the music is unfailingly bad, the sermons are decidedly uninspiring, and the students are amazingly brainwashed. I think the organization can be … nice. The students are all friends and it has a built-in support network that everyone probably takes advantage of at some point in college. That’s fine- instead of a sorority/fraternity, other club, or sports team, these kids build their social network through Cru.

What surprises me is how invasive these ministries are in the students life. Each week, they have bible studies, discipleship time, regular meetings, leadership meetings, meetings with other students, meetings with staff members, mentorship….the list goes on. All of this generally means that people involved in Cru have no life outside of Cru.

Another thing – opposite genders don’t really mix unless its a couple. Guys hang with groups of guys, girls with girls, and then the couples hang out (usually not alone) with one another. Then, come graduation, everyone gets married.

The talks are usually about resisting temptation and choosing the right path in life. The thing is, these kids only know one path and are so cornered in their ministry that they realize that there’s anything else out there that isn’t horrible.”

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