Campus Ministry Testimony Project

A blog showcasing anonymous submissions of testimonies on people’s experience with their campus ministries or churches during their undergraduate and graduate career. Will also feature excerpts from testimonies found on other websites to expose the hypocrisy and negative impact of these organizations on their members 
and campuses.

About the blog: I first came out with my own negative experience with my previous faith-based group on my school’s Reddit page. Soon, I began to receive messages from other students who were hurt in various ways by their ministry.

Many are afraid to voice out criticisms or negative experiences of their ministries for fear of being ostracized.

This has been created as an open, anonymous space to explore how campus ministries and churches have been affecting the lives of students in both positive and negative ways. If you are looking into joining a ministry or considering being a leader, I hope you can read through these with an open mind and be more discerning about what you join.

Please feel free to share! Or share this with others who might want to.
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